European Institute for Communication and Culture

Aims and Activities

The European Institute for Communication and Culture (Euricom) is a non-profit organisation registered under Slovene law, whose purpose is to further research and publication in the general areas of mass communication, media studies, and cultural studies. In keeping with its unique position bridging the two parts of the formerly divided Europe, Euricom is particularly concerned with the relationship of the mass media to issues of democracy and democratisation. The activities of the Institute include:

  • research in the field of communication and culture;
  • organisation of Communication and Culture Colloquia and educational programs in the field of communication and culture;
  • publications;
  • consultancies on problems of communications development;
  • organising networks to link researchers, research users, and experts in the field of communication and culture.

The Institute functions on the basis of projected work. Its programs are approved by the Board. The activities of the Institute are financed through founding shares, loans, gifts and other contributions by founders and other persons and organisations and interested branches of governments, payments for services rendered, sale of expert knowledge, products and projects, co-financing of projects within the working framework of the Institute, performance of public service, and licensing and concessions.

Co-operation and Membership in the Institute

The Institute is happy to respond to initiatives from other bodies and individuals who wish to use its facilities and expertise to further debates in the areas of communication and culture. In 1994, Euricom assisted the World Association for Christian Communication to organise a conference on Ethno-Religous Nationalist Conflicts and the Media. In 1995, Euricom was one of the main organisers of the IAMCR conference Communication Beyond the Nation-State in Portoroz, Slovenia.

Euricom welcomes suggestions from scholars for its future activities. Any ideas for Colloquia or themes for issues of Javnost—The Public will be warmly received. Any organisation or individual wishing to propose special events or publications is encouraged to do so.

Institutions and individuals wanting to participate on a reciprocal, non-profit basis in gathering, processing and exchanging information and/or education, or in research or development within the framework of the activities of the Institute, may become members of the Institute.