An important advantage of Euricom colloquia is that no more than twenty-five participants from around the world are invited to present papers which are focused on a clearly defined theme, which allows for intense and exhaustive discussion after presentations of papers. In addition, the European Institute for Communication and Culture attempts to ensure that each year there are both elements of continuity from previous events and input of fresh ideas by new scholars.

Another distinguishing trait of the colloquia is that there is always a publication outlet for the event. On many occasions, Euricom colloquia gave an impetus to book projects. When in 1990, Euricom organized the colloquium on “Information Society and Civil Society” prior to the 1990 IAMCR Conference in Bled, Slovenia, the book published after the colloquium (Information Society and Civil Society, Purdue University Press 1994) opened a new venue of Euricom activities. Ever since, the proceedings of the colloquia have been regularly published in a book form or as special issues of scholarly journals. Eventually, these efforts resulted in the foundation of Javnost—The Public in 1994, to enable a more systematic and continuous publication of ideas discussed at the colloquia and beyond.

Past EURICOM Colloquia