Colloquia #19

Democratization and the Mass Media Comparative Perspectives from Europe and Asia

, Bellagio, Italy

Call for papers

The European Institute for Communication and Culture (Euricom) and Centre for Communication and Information Studies of the University of Westminster (CCIS) invite paper proposals from scholars specialising in democratisation and the mass media, for a conference examining comparative perspectives on this issue, focussing on Europe and Asia.

Both Euricom and CCIS have a strong record in studying problems of democratisation and the media, particularly with reference to the post-communist societies of Central and Eastern Europe. We have long been aware that such an exclusive focus on one continent and one historical experience risks distorting our understanding of the general issues involved, and we have always sought to broaden the range of scholars contributing to our work. In particular, we have been concerned to examine whether the issues with which we are familiar are narrowly European or whether they have a more general resonance.

The Rockefeller Foundation has generously made available the facilities of the Villa Serbelloni, its Study and Conference Center at Bellagio on Lake Como in Northern Italy, for a conference devoted to exploring the comparison between European and Asian experience of the media and democratisation.

The size of the venue, and the nature of the planning process, mean that many of the limited places for paper presentations are already allocated, but there remain a small number of vacancies. Interested scholars are invited to send papers or abstracts (approximately 250 words) the organisers b the 1st of September at the latest. Applicants will be informed of their success by the end of September 2000.

The Rockefeller Foundation provides board and lodging for all participants at no charge, and the organisers are actively seeking funding for travel costs, but prospective participants from Universities in wealthy countries, notably Western Europe, North America, Japan and Australia, should not that it is extremely unlikely that we will be able to offer them any help. In the case of scholars from Central and Eastern Europe and from less developed countries in Asia or elsewhere, we hope to be in a position to offer assistance with some or all or the ravel costs.