Colloquia #27

The MacBride Report - 25 Years Later

, Piran, Slovenija

Call for papers

The report of the International Commission for the Study of Communication Problems was completed in December 1979,. submitted by Sean MacBride, its President, to the Director-General of Unesco in February 1980, and published in the same year under the Title Many Voices-One World. The Report acknowledged the importance of communication between individuals and among nations for human growth and social development. Since then, the report has med with high praise and severe criticism, reflecting ideological differences regarding concepts and issues of media freedom and development in various parts of the world.

Euricom (European Institute of Communication and Culture) devotes its 2005 Colloquium to the significance of the Commission’s work, with the participation of former members of the Commission, and invites papers that address major issues raised by the Commission’s report Many Voices-One World in 1980. They include the changing nature of communication in the 21st century, freedom of information, the right to communicate, and moral and political responsibilities of the media in the contemporary world. In addition, communication policies and development strategies, the professionalization of media personnel, and the rights and responsibilities of journalists as well as assessments of the success or failure of the recommendations of the MacBride Report are also suitable paper topics.