Colloquia #28

Communication and Peace

, Piran, Slovenia

Call for papers

Communication and Peace is the topic of the September 2007 EURICOM colloquium in Piran, Slovenia. In a world divided by ideological, ethnic, and economic conflicts, communication functions as a vital means of exchanging ideas, addressing frictions, and settling hostilities. The colloquium invites participants to consider forms and functions of communication in the process of negotiating peace, to question the role of media in the (re)production of conflicts and their resolutions, and to reflect on the importance of dialogue in making sense of disharmony and producing closure. Who are the partners in communication and how do they use language (or imagery) to succeed or fail in their quest for peace and how does the process of communication unfold in local, national, or international arenas of human conflict?

The colloquium is dedicated to the memory of Michael Traber, a co-founder of Euricom, who devoted his life to the idea of peace and communication.

Suggestions for papers are invited until January 15, 2007; final papers are due by July 15, 2007.

Please send abstracts or any requests for further information, to:

Hanno Hardt
e-mail: [email protected]

Slavko Splichal
e-mail: [email protected]